Build Fed Submit OPM/SWFT Capture Station



Select Base Package* Required

  • card-scan-combo
    Fed Submit (OPM) Card Scan Pack
  • live-scan-combo
    Fed Submit (OPM) Live Scan Pack
  • live-card-scan-combo
    Fed Submit (OPM) Premium Scan Pack
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Select Printer* Optional

NOTE: Requires Purchase of corresponding Maintenance (Will be automatically selected)

  • fed-submit-certified-black-white-printer
    Fed Submit Simplex Printer Pack (Add-On)
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Printer Maintenance* Optional

NOTE: Purchased automatically with parent product

  • hardware
    Fed Submit Simplex Printer Pack (Add-On) Annual Maintenance
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Select Carrying Case* Optional

  • pelican-cases-w
    Carrying Case
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Select Notebook Exchange* Optional

NOTE: Exchanges desktop PC with warranty for notebook computer with warranty in Live/Card Scan Pack

  • Industrial Cabinet 19 Inch Monitor
    Notebook Exchange
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Select Swipe Card Reader* Optional

  • swipe-card-reader-w
    Fed Submit Swipe Card Reader
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Installation & Training Services* Optional

  • services
    Fed Submit Installation & Training Services
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